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The song being played is "Going wacky," Copyright bobby prince Music.


Updated 22. October 2015: NewCosmo3 v1.2

New 22. October 2015: MoreCosmo3 v1.0

New 22. October 2015: MoreCosmo2 v1.0


Download: NewCosmo3 v1.2

Download: MoreCosmo3 v1.0

Download: MoreCosmo2 v1.0


The screenshot above and the one at the bottom of this page are from NewCosmo3.


NewCosmo3 is a NEW COMPLETE episode of Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure.
It consists 12 new levels including 2 new bonus levels.
NewCosmo3 runs with COSMO3.EXE only.

MoreCosmo3 includes ONE NEW level for Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure.
MoreCosmo3 runs with COSMO3.EXE only.

MoreCosmo2 includes ONE NEW level for Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure.
MoreCosmo2 runs with COSMO2.EXE only.

To play these add-ons you need the full registered version of Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure.
See Apogee/3D Realms' Cosmo Page


These add-ons for Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure
were made using Cosmo's Cosmic Level Editor by Karl Morrison, including Textract by Frenkel Smeijiers.

3 of the levels were made using Cosmo Editor v1.0 (COSMEDIT.EXE) by David Bollinger.


Any comments on my add-on, NewCosmo3?