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DOWNLOAD: NewBash1 v7.1

Updated 1. February 2019

The screenshot above and the three at the bottom of this page are from NewBash1.

NewBash1 consists of EIGHT COMPLETELY NEW LEVELS replacing level 2 , level 3 , level 4 , level 5 , level 6 , level 8 , level 9 and level 10 .
A substantially edited level 7 and something extra added to level 1.

The download comes with 9 saved games (medium difficulty).

See the included text file for installation and special notes.

To play this add-on you need the full registered version of Monster Bash.
See Apogee/3D Realms' Monster Bash Page


This add-on for Monster Bash
was made using the Camoto game editor by Adam Nielsen.



Any comments on my add-on, NewBash1?