A Doll's House, Ghosts, When We Dead Awaken, The Wild Duck,
The Lady From the Sea, and more...

A Doll's House 1-18. Games of action, adventure, puzzles, suspense, mystery and romance.
Game concept and all content completely original and unique.

A Doll's House, The Wild Duck and The Lady from the Sea intro screens are based on paintings by Edvard Munch.
When We Dead Awaken intro screen is based on a drawing by Edvard Munch and made into a 'negative' image.
Ghost Tower intro screen is based on a painting by Peder Balke.
The Lady from the Sea De Luxe intro screen is based on a painting by Guillaume Seignac.

Action-Adventure games that offer some thing new and unique combined with an Old Times feel-good atmosphere and style.

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The higher the episode number is the more different types of enemies, features, weapons, challenges and locations are included.

All graphical images copyright Paal Olstad.

Take on the part as Bjørn Jonstad from Toten. Enter a world of action, adventure, puzzles, suspense, mystery and romance.
Fight monsters and trolls, giant worms, insects and plants, ghostly pirates, gunslingers and death knights, armours, cloaks, skeletons, ghosts and more.
Take healing from fairies and mermaids.
Choose between 8 fantastic weapons, including missile launchers with exploding rockets and bouncing projectiles.
Solve puzzles and problems and explore mansions, castles, dungeons, attics, cottages, parks, gardens, mazes, forests and islands!
And save your girlfriend Henriette Hanssen from The Devil Incarnate and his minions!

Ghostly gunslinger. 48 frames in all.

Fastest gun in the west, east, north and south.

Can you outshoot him?

Got him!

Knight with a spreadfire gun.

48 frames in all.

Delivers rapid triple blasts.

You only hurt him!

Green cloak. 48 frames in all.

Attacks with a pistol and a cleaver.

Very fast shooting!

Very dangerous, even after he's been killed!

Black cloak. Shoots bouncing plasma balls.

Black cloak with a gatling.

Brown cloak. 48 frames. Fast moving. Attacks with a cleaver.

Pirate shooting exploding missiles.

Boss enemy. Exploding missiles and plasma balls.

Boss enemy. Exploding missiles and a gatling.

Boss ghost. Rapid fireballs.

Cloak boss. Gatling and hellebarde.

Just a harmless suit of armour.
Don't be too sure about that!

Armour attacking.

Worm. You need to find out what kills it.

Worm attacking. Spews rapid venom.

A giant mosquito. Very fast.

A swarm is extremely dangerous.
Sucks you empty of blood in a moment.

You killed a mosquito.

A dead mosquito.

A ghost. Ghosts track you down.

The ghosts come in red, green, yellow and blue versions in addition to white.

Ghosts can be eliminated but you have to find out how.

Another ghost disappearing.

A pirate ship. Fires exploding missiles.

The pirate ship hit and sunk.

A sea monster.

The sea monster can only be destroyed with a particular weapon.

The Troll.

The troll attacks with fire balls and his fist.

He can only be killed with a particular weapon.

You got him!

The Devil Incarnate, the final fiend. He has put Henriette in a trance. You need to kill him to save her.

The Devil Incarnate spews deadly sparks. They spread out and bounce off walls and floors. Creating a cloud of sparks.

You need a shield to protect you from the sparks.
(Each shield lasts for 30 seconds.)

He can only be killed with a particular weapon.
And watch out for his claw!

There! You got him. Finally!

The Devil Incarnate dead.

A deadly plant! Reaching out for you and sucking you up. It's the favourite plant of the Devil Incarnate.

This plant too can only be destroyed with a particular weapon.

Henriette walking around in a trance.
Episodes 11+.

She is dangerous to get close to while in the trance. You will need to follow her into locked areas.

Once you have killed the Devil Incarnate you can save her by walking into her.

32 frames in all.

A skeleton playing a piano which bursts devil sparks. You need protection from a shield.

The skeleton can only be killed with a particular weapon. Brought down with anything else it will reassemble immediately.

A walking skeleton attacking.

If brought down with anything but the same particular weapon it will reassemble after a few seconds.

A chest. You need to find out how to open it. It may contain different things.

The chest is an 8-sided object (8 angles).

Something weird popped out of the chest. It's very dangerous to be close to.

Now find out how to destroy it.

A green explodable barrel.

It is dangerous to be near the explosion.

After being exploded the green barrel leaves a toxic puddle. Avoid stepping on it.

The grey barrel is explodable too, but leaves no toxic puddle.

Now what's this?

It's a blinking skull lamp. It's dangerous to be close to when the light is on.

Find out with what to destroy it.

A skulls ceiling light. It's harmless.

Fairy. She provides infinite healing.
She aims to follow you everywhere.

Mermaid. She provides infinite healing.
She aims to follow you everywhere.

A big violet vase.

Break the vase and a little ghost escapes. It's harmless.

Cross. A valuable item.

Star of David. A valuable item.

Gold chalice. Taking it increases your health.

Tin chalice. Gives you a little extra health.

Death chalice. You need protection from a particular item in order to take it.
(One protective item pr. death chalice.)

A bomb. One of several explodable items in the game.

An electric wand. You must find out how it works.

Now what do you think this key is for?

A magical chest.

This orb like object gives you full health.

A stationary monster which sucks you up if you get close to it. It often blocks passages. You need to find out with what to destroy it.

A lethal plant. It sucks you up. It will be overcome in the same way as the purple monster.

A garden fence.

A garden gate. This gate requires a key in order to be opened.

A garden gate being opened (once the key is acquired).

A stuck garden gate.

A bannister with flowers (flower box).

A small bush.

A rose bush. It blocks your passage but it does not hurt you.

Passable vegetation. Harmless, but it obstructs the view considerably.

An animated fountain.
The girl is borrowed (and recoloured) from a painting by J. A. D. Ingres.

An animated torch.

A column with flowers.

An outdoor lamp.

A garden bench.

A well.

A blue jar.

An outdoor lamp.

An oak.

A fir.

An apple tree.

A yew.

A palm tree.

A purple bush.

A pine.

A birch.

A jellyfish. Deadly.

A starfish. Deadly.

Fly fungi. Deadly.

Something. Deadly.

A what?

A lantern.

An outdoor ceiling light.

An iron ladder.

A gallows with a skeleton.

An empty gallows.

Found lying around.

A marble column.

A grandfather clock. 8-sided. Front view.

A grandfather clock. 8-sided. 45 degrees view.

An armchair. 8-sided.

A pool table. 8-sided.

A mirror. 8-sided.

It doesn't take much to break it.

A bed. 8-sided.

A commode. 8-sided.

In episodes prior to episode 11 you will find Henriette chained or caged somewhere.

You will need an item left by the Devil Incarnate, or by some other boss, to release her.

A skeleton in a cage.

A skeleton in chains.

Missile launcher. Shoots exploding missiles. Weapon number 5.
Dangerous to yourself on close quarters!

A missile. It explodes when it hits someone/something

Revolver. Weapon number 2. Usually the next weapon you find after the knife you start with.

A horrible sight to behold! Pick it up, it won't hurt you. Hellebarde. Weapon number 3. Also found lying on the floor.

Plasma cannon. Shoots plasma balls which bounce off walls and doors at a correct angle up to three times. Weapon number 4.
Watch out for back-bouncing balls!

Spreadfire gun. Shoots repetitive triple blasts of energy. Weapon number 6.

Gatling. Uses its own ammo type.
Weapon number 7.

Silent pistol.
Uses its own ammo type.
Weapon number 8.

A chandelier.

Ceiling lamps (1).

Ceiling lamps (2).

Ceiling light.

A floor lamp (1).

A floor lamp (2).

A floor lamp (3).

A floor lamp (4).

A burning stove.

A table with a lamp.

A dining table.

An electric stove.

A table/chair with a lamp.

A table with a plant.

A table with a skull.

A table/chair with a telephone.

A tree in a pot.

A bush in a pot.

A plant in a vase.

Straws in a vase.

A purple jar.

A cactus in a jar.

A plant in a pot.

A big blue vase.

A tub.

A bath tub.

A sink.

A toilet.

A hot water tank.

A washing machine.

A basket.

A wooden barrel.

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