The Tower 4SDL

Click the image to the left to download The Tower 4SDL.

The Tower consists of 21 levels including 3 secret levels which combine tough action with hard and complex puzzles.

The game has a completely original story line.

Special features include: A missile launcher. Explodable barrels that will kill or hurt enemies and the player when within the explosive radius, depending on the distance to the center of the radius.

Click the Manuels tab to get The Tower Hint Manual.

See screenshots from The Tower. The screenshots are from the DOS version.

Please note: The Tower requires that you own a registered version of Spear of Destiny by ID Software in order to be played. See the included txt-file for details.


Get the original DOS version (requires DOSBox and the original Spear AUDIOHED):

The Tower for DOS


See the Youtube playthrough video of Level 2 - 4 recorded by Tripla K.

See the Youtube playthrough video of Level 4 recorded by Tripla K.


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