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All of my mods (SDL) come with a new exe.

Please note: Unless otherwise stated, my SDL mods require that you own a registered version of Spear of Destiny by ID Software in order to be played. See the included txt-files for details.

The original DOS versions of some of the titles are posted on each respective game's page. The DOS versions require either the Wolfenstein 3-D or Spear of Destiny game files in order to be played. Some of the DOS versions come without a new exe.


NEW 10. November 2019: Wolf-Extra Epilogue 21


UPDATES 29. August 2019:

All my SDL Wolfenstein mods have been updated. Unless otherwise stated beneath, the updates only include very minor audio or visual changes.

Wolf-Extra III, part 6:

IMPORTANT: A treasure ratio error has been corrected.

Players have told me that this episode's tune was rather overpowering. The tune has accordingly been changed.

Wolf-Extra Special Version and Enemy Around the Corner:

Although the SDL versions of these mods (like all my SDL mods) are compiled for Spear of Destiny, these mods were originally made for Wolfenstein 3-D, using music found only in Wolf3D. Without the Wolf3D music these mods did not feel optimized. I have amended this by adding customized audio files to these two mods which now include 'Enemy Around the Corner' (title music for the mod of the same name), the 'War March' and 'Pacman' tunes for Wolf-Extra Special Version, and several others.

The Tower:

Players have also informed me that a rather intricate level in this mod had a rather wearisome tune. This has been changed with a couple of other changes to the music order.

Wolf Hour:

The same wearisome tune has been replaced in the big and complex secret level of this mod, along with a couple of other music changes. This mod too was originally designed for Wolfenstein 3D, but I feel that the present selection of tunes (from both Spear and Wolf3D) works optimally with this mod.

Previous update:

Last year I made an important update to Level 80 4SDL which fixed and elevator error. I did not mentioned this at my site at the time.

There are no new version numbers! But if you download any of my SDL mods after reading this you will get the latest version!

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