Wolf-Extra Epilogue 21 4SDL

Released on the 10th. of November 2019: Wolf-Extra Epilogue 21.

Click the title screen to the left to download Wolf-Extra Epilogue 21.

The title marks both that this is a 21 level mod and that it will be the last in the Wolf-Extra series of mods.

Wolf-Extra Epilogue 21 also marks the anniversary of my first Wolf-Extra released 20 years ago.

The original 41 level edition of Wolf-Extra for DOS, originally released in 1999, was long lost but is now available again in its last version, v2.04, from 2000.

Wolf-Extra Epilogue 21 is not as puzzle heavy as The Tower, Wolf-Extra III and Wolf-Extra Ultimate. It is all the same recommended to leave a saved game at the beginning of the level you are currently on. This will enable you to start anew on the level without losing lives in case you get into serious trouble after a quick save, or in case you feel stuck somewhere.

The download includes the ChaosEdit definition files for the game. Be adviced that looking at the maps, and the content of the vswap, will spoil surprises in the game.

The game must be played with the supplied audio files.

You start each level with 100% health and a knife.

Wolf-Extra Epilogue 21 includes both new special features, and special features introduced in my previous mods. I will leave most of the special features, new and old, as surprises for new players, but will hereby also explain a few.

The water puddle will destroy your standard ammunition unless your health is 20% or lower, in which case the water puddle will instead add 3 points to your health.

Some of the treasure items have special qualities. Do not take more of them than you actually need at any time, this will allow you to go back for more when you need them. Remaining ones can be collected before exiting the level for 100% treasure bonus.

Neccessary items are sometimes found in secret areas. Secret doors (pushwalls) are always marked/suggested in some way, OR they may be localized geografically (rooms you can see into or determine are there but where the entrance is a secret door). Finding all secrets is not supposed to be unreasonably difficult.

In some of the levels you find pushwalls which block your retreat, somtimes leaving you with no ammunition. The areas you leave when passing such a pushwall may be accessible again later in the level, or not. In case of the latter make sure you have found all the treasures and secrets, and killed all enemies, in the area you leave behind, for 100% ratios.

In addition there are several other special features not mentioned here.

Pacman ghosts are only found in some of the secret levels (not in standard levels). They are unkillable but this does not affect your 'kill' bonus.

For all levels, including boss- and secret levels, it is possible to get 100% ratio in all three bonus categories.

Have fun!

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