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Special items:

Keys: There are 4 keys and corresponding locked doors. Gold key (yellow), silver key (white), bronze key (red) and brass key (green).

Cross: Lets you take one death chalice. Both count as treasures.

Gold and silver chalices: Adds 25 and 10 to your health. Count as treasures.

1-up: Identical to the 1-up of the original game. Count as treasure.

Water puddle: Adds 3 to your health when it is 20% or lower. Destroys your ammunition (not missiles) when your health is more than 20%.

Poison puddle: Takes 20 from your health. Kills you when your health is 20% or lower.

Explodable barrel: Kills or hurts enemies and the player when within the explosive radius, depending on the distance to the center of the radius. Has effect through doors and walls. Will start a series of explosions if close to each others.

Missile launcher and missiles: A powerful weapon. Like in The Tower and Wolf Hour the missile has no explosive radius. (Unlike Wolf-Extra III, part 3 and 4.)

New and additional enemies:

Skull Guard: Remains on the same spot. Fires a powerful chaingun. Leaves a poison puddle when killed.

Pacman ghosts: There are 5 different of them in the game. They can all be trapped. The ghosts are unkillable but you can still get 100% in the kill category. The ghosts don't count in that respect.

General advice and info:

Leave saved games in different slots so that you may go back to different stages of the game if you need to.

Every time you leave and enter the central purple brick section you pass by a dead guard/pushwall trick blocking the retreat.


Start: You start in an elevator room in the middle right of the map.

(1): An officer comes through this door. Put him down with your knife to get his pistol. Find more ammo around the corner. Finish with other enemies who appear.

(2): Take position in the corner by the barrels. Shoot the explodable barrel to kill the SS. Rush forward and grab his machine gun and continue forward back to (1) while avoiding been shot by the skull guards behind the columns. Don't step on the water by the well (unless your health is 20% or lower).

(3): If you need some extra health and ammo in the early stages of the game shoot this barrel past the floor lamp to get to it. Don't alarm the Death Knight at (32).

(4): Bring down this skull guard. Take position by the silver chalice at (13) and strafe firing at him.

(5): Shoot these explodable barrels to wake up the SS behind the wall. He will come at you through the brass key door. Shoot him in the doorway and rush in (through some poison) turn around quickly and shoot an other SS coming through the opposite door (where the skull guard was) at (4). Make sure this door remains open. If the SS to the north got too far into the central hallway get noticed in time by a second SS at (6) and shoot him in the doorway. Get the 1-up in the next room at (5). Ignore the nearby explodable barrel.

(6): Open this pushwall and procede. Engage in some heavy battles by the barrels behind the next door.

(7): Continue past this dead guard trick. Finish with all the enemies in the blue stone wall area and collect their ammo.

(8): Find the bronze key here.

(9): Don't step on the water puddles unless your health is 20% or lower. Take position by this pushwall and fire at the enemies behind the wooden barrels.

(10): Get to shoot the explodable barrels ahead. That will kill all or most of them. Go past the dead guard trick (9), pick up the goods, open the bronze key door and shoot the barrel.

(11): Push this wall block either way, open the bronze key door and bring down the enemies within the central blue room.

(12): Get this cross.

(13): Push the lower pushwall. Then take the death chalice. Alarm and kill the mutant around the corner. A yellow ghost will come at you. Back away from it, then dodge it. Make it move sufficiently away from (13), if possible into the blue room. Rush back into the corridor at (13), open the next pushwall, then the third. Be sure the ghost is not immediately following you.

Moving this set of pushwalls will almost certainly block the north path around the blue room. The only exception is if you have shot a mutant at the spot with the arrow direction mark. This will make the second pushwall move only 1, not 2, spots. But this your are not required to do.

(14): Make sure you pick up the ammo box on the way to here. Go past the dead guard trick. This will stop the yellow ghost from following you into the north section. Open the door to the north and engage in some very serious action. Don't step on the death chalice at (35). You will not get to collect this death chalice until much later.

(15): Enter this area for some treasures including a gold chalice, and ammo from enemies you have previously killed here.

(16): Enter the mossy dining room and do away with the enemies there. Then open the pushwall in this room. It opens the path to a new dead guard trick. But don't go past this dead guard trick yet. It is a big advantage though to have opened the pushwall in the dining room before continuing.

(17): Enter this section and deal with the mutants. A violet ghost comes at you. Get back to the north hallway, the ghost following you. Dodge it and rush ahead to (17) again for the cross. You need to dodge the ghost again then rush back to (14), quickly picking up the death chalice and the brass key. Dodge the ghost a final time and make it to (16) past the dead guard trick stopping the ghost from following you further.

(18): Open these two pushwalls and get the next cross, then continue back into the central section. Be aware that the yellow ghost will be on your track.

(19): Pick up this death chalice. Avoid the one in the corner. The north passage around the central blue room will almost certainly be blocked, see point (13). In any case it is recommended to clear the passage at (19). Pick up what you may have left of gold chalices at (3) at this point. When you later enter the central section at this spot one of the gold chalices may otherwise be blocked.

(20): Go through this brass key door. The yellow ghost will come after you. The next dead guard trick will again stop it from following you.

(21): You are now in an area you have been to before. But now you can procede through the next brass key door. Alarm and kill the mutant. A blue ghost will come at you, and most likely an SS lingering in this spot. Back away sufficiently to dodge the ghost and kill the SS. Then quickly push the wall block at (21) stopping the blue ghost. (The yellow ghost may apppear through the bronze door, but it will not be able to pass the wooden barrels.) Pick up ammo from the fallen guards at (10) and a nearby gold chalice.

(22): A new skull guard will surprise you. Get to the ammo box and fire at him from there. Don't go through the door next to him at this point. Another skull guard is immediately behind it.

(23): Finish with the enemies in this area. You may fight the next skull guard at this point if you feel up to it, or leave it until later. Don't waste the 1-up in front of him by attacking him face on. To continue into the next room shoot the explodable barrel past the columns and the vines. This will alarm an SS who will come at you through the silver key door. Shoot him in the doorway, then the officer within. Make sure this door remains open.

(24): You may need to pick up at least two of these ammo boxes. Don't pick up a third one unless you need to (save it for later). Then pick up the 1-up in the room, you most likely need it. Then go back to (22) and do away with the skull guard you left there. Take the chain gun, and the 1-up if you need it. Then open the pushwall at (24). Kill the next SS, mutants may notice you. One may come at you through the northern silver key door. You may get to shoot him in the doorway but don't go through that door at this point. Alarm the ubermutant. But don't let the mutant blocking the green ghost notice you. Fight the ubermutant in the section comprising (22)-(23)-(24). Pick up the gold chalices at (24) when you need them, but not the ones by the missiles. The mutant and the green ghost to the left will notice you. Finally brought down the ubermutant will leave you the silver key.

(25): Pick up the missiles and gold chalices. Finish with the mutant and avoid the green ghost. Open the two pushwalls for more treasures.

(26): Make sure the ghost is not immediately behind you. Open this pushwall, get the missile launcher and more missiles, and more ammo. Continue through the silver key door.

(27): This dead guard trick will stop the green ghost from following you. Open the pushwall by the floor lamp and get the cross. You may want to leave the 1-up for the time being. Reenter the central purple brick section for the last time at (3).

The yellow ghost is in the central section and will immediately try to track you down. At this point you can do nothing but avoiding it.

You now have two choices. You can either take on the Death Knight at (32) while the yellow ghost is at large or you can trap the yellow ghost first, see (29) and (30). If you play on 'Can I Play Daddy' your best choice is to take on the Death Knight right away. Good Luck! :-)

If you alarm the Death Knight before trapping the yellow ghost don't try to trap the said ghost until after having defeated the Death Knight. Or else trap the yellow ghost befor alarming the Death Knight (recommended on higher difficulty settings).

(28): Take the death chalice and open the pushwall, clearing the passage to the gold key door. Take the gold chalices if you need them.

Now that you have the silver key you can go through the silver key door at (6) and thus utelise the (4)-(6)-(13) passage confusing the ghost, and when fighting the Death Knight.

(29): With the yellow ghost sufficiently far behind you open this pushwall and quickly finish with the mutant beyond the silver key door.

(30): Rush past the skull guard by the barrel. Take on the mutants in the blue stone hallway or avoid being noticed by them. Stop and face west by the gold chalice. SAVE YOUR GAME IN A NEW SLOT. The yellow ghost may be coming for you right away or else you need to go back and make it follow you.

If you keep close to the blue wall at the spot with the gold chalice (30) the ghost will always turn north by the pushwall, step quickly forward and push the wall block northward to trap the ghost. Avoid being shot too much by the skull guard. Pick up the ammo box. Finish with the mutants in the blue hallway (if you have not already done so). Take a breather!

(Every time I have tested this the yellow ghost has turned north if I keep close to the blue wall. If however it should happen to turn south instead, reload a PREVIOUS save and try the same trick again, you may not have been close enough to the blue wall).

(31): Pick up as many gold chalices and ammunition you need on your way here. Again avoid being shot by the skull guards. Get the cross. You need it for the death chalice by the exit elevator (36). Don't open the pushwall at this state, the violet ghost will come through the silver key door. (If you linger too long in this spot it may harm you through the corner point).

If you reach point (31) for the cross after having defeated the Death Knight and without having trapped the yellow ghost be aware that you may have to dodge it on your way to the exit elevator (36).

(32): Make it here. Confront the Death Knight, if you have not done it already! Fight him in the central section. Avoid moving in the vicinity of the skull guards.

(33): Find a 1-up and more ammunition behind this silver key door. You will remember that you may also have left a 1-up at (27).

Finally defeated the Death Knight will leave you the gold key. Go through the gold key door at (36), pick up the death chalice and a nearby gold chalice. Kill the mutant in the exit elevator.

To get 100% in any category you will need to reenter the eastern blue stone wall section.

(34): You will not be able to pick up this 1-up without killing at least one of the skull guards guarding it. They block you from passing through the door. Killing a skull guard in this section will release the yellow ghost you trapped or the red ghost which is initially trapped. It is highly recommended that you don't do this while the Death Knight is still alive. This 1-up and the nearby missiles are for fighting the skull guards after having brought down the Death Knight.

After having killed the Death Knight, and then after having cleared this area of skull guards, pick up the treasures and move again to (31), still avoiding the ghosts. Push the wall at (31) and pick up the cross behind it, there will be one more ghost to avoid (the violet one).

(35): Make it here for the last death chalice.

(36): Exit the game. Well done!

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